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The Camping Trip

Today I want to talk about my game, “The Camping Trip”.

The Camping Trip is a short game that I decided to try making for Halloween.  It’s a horror/comedy game without combat.  I’m not sure if that’s been done before…  The game stars a boy named Billy who is terrified of Halloween.  He is so scared in fact, he decides to go to a special camp for scared children that is held every year on Halloween.  Billy was scared of the camp too, until he found out his best friend Brian was going.  Billy was certain he wouldn’t get scared at this camp, but then the councilor told that story…



Billy is a young boy with pantophobia, the fear of everything.  He worries about almost everything, and only finds solace in listening to the voice in his head which tells him to do specific things.  His parents do not approve what this voice tells him to do. 


Brian was raised by overprotective superstitious parents, but it doesn’t seem that way.  His room is messy, he has tons of video games, he likes to play practical jokes on people, and he dresses like a rock star.  He’s going to the No-Scare Camp out because his parents think Halloween is evil.

Robert and Rodger:

These two men are the camp councilors for the No-Scare Camp out.  They are both in charge of the camp, but they are both very different.  Robert just wants to have fun.  Unfortunately, Robert’s idea of fun often scares the kids.

On the other hand, Rodger seems to know exactly what he’s doing, but he often bores the children.  Rodger is an environmentalist as well.

Robert and Rodger get into fights almost all the time.  In my opinion, neither of them are competent enough to run the camp.

That’s it for important characters so far.  Let’s talk about gameplay.

There are two stages of gameplay: Exploration Gameplay, and Chase Scene Gameplay.  Let’s talk about Exploration Gameplay.

Yeah, this is a pretty good rule.  You can interact with just about everything in this game, and you can take some of it too.

You can take this.

But you can’t take this. 😦  But hey, you don’t know what you can take until you interact with it.

This is a good idea.  Really, it is.  Go in other houses.  You might find stuff there.

There’s only one thing I haven’t shown you about Exploration Gameplay, and that is NPC interaction.  You may be prompted to give an NPC an item.  This could get you a new, more awesome item, it could reveal some secret storyline plots, or it will make something funny happen.

Moving on to Chase Scene Gameplay…

I will use two words to describe this gameplay stage: “dark” and “run!”.

You have to get back to your cabin, otherwise the undead shall feast upon your flesh!

Armed with only a lantern, you cannot fight back!  Your only option is to run.  If they get you, you’ll get a game over.  And you will cry.

Happy Halloween!



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