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A Mini RPG in development.

My friend wants to learn RPG Maker VX Ace, and he has downloaded the LITE version.  I decided I’d show him through example, and that means I’m making a mini RPG for him using the Ace LITE restrictions.  They are as follows:

10 heroes
10 classes
126 skills
16 items
60 weapons
60 armors
30 enemies
30 troops
25 states
110 animations
10 common events
No script editor
6 Tilesets
15 events per map.
20 maps max.
Can save projects
No call script but you can use the script functions of the other event commands like variable.
You can’t make it use the RMVXAce RTP. So you have to manually import resources to the project folder.

I will use the RTP, but I shall manually import it.  After all the RTP graphics are just another resource.  So ha.

The Final Recollections of Joyce Skye

The game chronicles the life of a young 17 year old named Joyce Skyne.  At the beginning of the game, she is seen in a courtroom of sorts, and she is sentenced to a jail known as the Oubliette.  She committed the most heinous of crimes: showing mercy and compassion to a slave.  As Joyce is led to the Oubliette, she remembers the peaceful and good life she led back at her hometown.  This is a rather depressing game, but it should still be fun.

If all goes well, I’ll post the game here when I’m done.  In the meantime, I’ll post some screenshots when I develop the game more.



“IF.” tileset and demo

Today I finished my first demo for “IF.” which turned out O.K. It features 3 different endings, and about 10-20 minutes of gameplay.  It’s enough to give you a taste of the game.  If you want to play it, check it out here.

I’ve got something for you. I’m going to share a little on how I made the light effects in “IF.”  I slightly modified the default RTP tileset by decreasing the brightness and upping the contrast.  Here it is:

I sobered it up quite a bit, didn’t I?  Feel free to use this in your RPG Maker VXACE games commercial or otherwise.  Just credit enterbrain.  I need no credit for this edit.

Maybe I’ll post my complete edit in one handy zip file when I make more progress on “IF.”


Hello All

Well hello everybody!  This is TheBrogrammer.
Thought it was about time to start one of these blog things, so here I am.  Some of you may have heard of that free-for all contest that the RPG Maker site is hosting.  I thought, “What better way to start an RPG Maker blog than to post your RPG Maker story?” So here is my entry:

I’ve always loved and respected those old 16 bit console RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III.  They have this timeless feel to them.  They made me realize that video games aren’t just toys.  Video games can make you laugh, rage, and maybe even cry.  While I played these titles, I thought, “I want to make people to feel these emotions.”  So I started looking into game development software.  On my search, I discovered the RPG Maker series.  It was almost everything I hoped it would be.

So what does RPG Maker mean to me?  To me, RPG Maker is not just a tool that allows me to entertain;  RPG Maker is FUN!  RPG Maker combines art, music, and writing into one activity.  Awesome!  I can express my creativity to the max, and tell the world my message!

Here’s my first attempt at a game with RPG Maker.

I started using RPG Maker XP about two years back.  RPG Maker XP will always have a soft spot in my heart.  I loved the graphics, the music, and most of all, I loved the editor.  It was incredibly easy to make a game.  I made a 1 hour RPG called “A Light in The Shadows” during my free trial.  It was awful, but I loved it anyway.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Groooaaan... So baren...

Yep.  I wasn’t the best mapper back then.

Wake up indeed.

Wake up indeed.
Not only was the game poorly mapped, it was poorly tested.  There were glitches galore!  Yet I still love this game.  It was the very first game I made, and it will always be special to me.  (Don’t expect me to release it anywhere though!)

So how far have I come since A Light in The Shadows?  Well, I now own RPG Maker VXACE as well as XP, and I’m an active member of the community.  I’ve released two more games.  They were both decent, but just that: decent.  I’m learning from my mistakes, and I’m getting better at making games every day.

Compare these screens to those last ones:

A screen from my first publicly availiable game.

A scene from "IF." Chapter 3.

Well, that’s my story.

Are you ready to Make Your Own Game?

Are you ready?

-The Brogrammer