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Progress on WWRPG

So, We Want RPG is getting done.  I’ve finished the towns, started on one dungeon, and I’m trying to get started on the other dungeons.

The thing I’m really having trouble coming up with right now is story.  I know how this story began, and I know how it will end.  It’s the stuff that happens in the middle that gives me trouble.  I’d really like to get together with my friends and just brainstorm a bit.  That’s what happened with Tales of Einalis.  And that’s done.

Maybe I just need to take a small development break on it.  Maybe I should just develop something small.

This is what I keep telling myself, but I know that I’ll get carried away with it and the small game will become huge, and it will never be done.

Anyway, ’til next time!

See ya!



We Want RPG! and Joyce Skye

So… I’m not sure if I should post Joyce Skye.  It’s not that it’s bad, but…  I made it for a specific person.  If you want me to post, say the word and I will, but now I’m not so sure…

So, I started working on “We Want RPG! Episode I”.  Here’s my characters and the plot and stuff.



Arthur is a retired hero who, after defeating the evil demon overlord Menalos tried to go back to living an average life.  He saw too many crazy things and coincidences in the world, and he wanted to get back to his house as soon as possible.  He grew up and now resides in a house he rented in the town of Meadowbrook.  Unfortunately, he has not paid rent on time, and now owes a great sum of money.


Will is an old friend of Arthur’s who used to work with him in the “good old days”.  He was a perfectly normal mage back in the day, but one day, he found a tome called, “The Magic of Wealth”.  Inside were hidden spells that could turn anything to gold.  He could make money fall out of the air.  He soon became one of the richest people in the world.  Then the tax collectors found out.  He was left with a measly one percent of his riches.  He still “makes” money, but he does it in secret, and in small amounts, because it hurts the economy.


Cereus is made up of two islands, one where society currently stands, and one where the ancient ruins of a city remain.  There are two towns on Main Cereus, one being the prosperous city of Baydon, and the other being the peaceful hamlet of Meadowbrook.  The Emerald Castle where King Harold resides is northeast of Baydon inside the forest.  Cereus is a monarchy.


After saving the world from the Arch-Demon Menalos by gathering the four magic crystals, Arthur decided he was done with all this heroic stuff, and moved to the country of Cereus.  He rented a house in the small hamlet of Meadowbrook.  He paid his rent every year with the money he received from killing Menalos. Years went by.  Soon Arthur spent so much time resting and enjoying the peace that he completely forgot about the rent.  His payments piled up too high, and the tax collector stopped by to pay a not so friendly visit…

I’ve just completed the intro today.  I’ve cut most of my customization plans, but I’ve kept all of my exploration mechanics.  The game will be free roaming.  Go where you please and do what you want.  You just have one week to do it.  (Game Time)  The goal of the game is to earn money.  I have not encountered an RPG where you can earn more money.  999999999999999999999999999999999 is the maximum amount of G you can earn.  Wow!  Expect screenshots of the game soon.  Already, this game is a blast to program!